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All You Need to Know about Bioresonance Therapy

The field of medicine and healthcare has developed a lot. The procedures, techniques, and equipment have been invented to help in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions with ease and effectiveness are numerous. The numerous advances that have been made in the field of medicine have been due to the invention of different technologies. Vector NLS machine is one of the types of equipment that was invented to help diagnose medical conditions. Vector NLS machine is used in bioresonance therapy to measure the frequency of energy wavelengths coming from the body. Vector Biofeedback machines are accurate and have quality hardware hence very effective in measuring the frequency of energy wavelengths coming from the body.

When the DNA of unhealthy cells or organs is damaged, it emits altered electromagnetic waves. When diagnosing the disease that one is suffering from, a Bioresonance scan machine is used so that it can detect the altered electromagnetic waves. Bioresonance feedback machine treats diseases by changing the altered electromagnetic waves coming from the body back to their normal frequency. When using a bioresonance feedback machine to diagnose a disease, the machine’s electrodes are placed on the body and then hooked to the machine. The bioresonance feedback machine can be manipulated so that it can produce energy frequencies that match the body’s natural frequency.

There are numerous health-related conditions that the bioresonance feedback machine can diagnose and treat. Stomach pain, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, smoking cessation, allergies, related conditions, cancer, and overtraining syndrome are some of the health-related conditions that bioresonance therapy has treated. The effectiveness of bioresonance therapy in diagnosis and treatment of health conditions has not been proven. The main reason for this is limited research on this complimentary and holistic treatment. However, the effectiveness of bioresonance therapy in diagnosis and treatment of diseases has been studied by several scientists.

In 2014, a study between the effectiveness of bioresonance therapy and placebo was conducted. The study found that people who underwent bioresonance therapy had a high success rate of quitting smoking than those in the placebo group. The main area of focus on the effectiveness of bioresonance therapy in the treatment of allergies and related conditions. Bioresonance therapy can also be used to help athletes who overtrain so that they can recover from training and competition much faster. However, the results of bioresonance therapy on the treatment of allergies and related conditions are mixed and negative. Bioresonance therapy is a painless procedure. Due to the limited research, there are no known risks or side effects of bioresonance therapy. To identify the effectiveness of bioresonance in treating health conditions and the side effects of the procedure, more research needs to be done. Check out this related post to get more enlightened on the topic:

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